“Daily” Facepalm 2/28/13

All the muck that's fit to rake on this last day of February…

Good News!

Bleacher Nation's creator and all-around Good Dude Brett welcomes Clark Taylor into the world. I think I speak for all of us when I say congratulations, and also have him start throwing lefty because we definitely need some pitching prospects. Brett was nothing but kind to me when I reached out to him for advice starting Windy City Sports Wonk, which ultimately led me over here, so I'm thankful for that. Plus, my own first kid is due in 6 weeks, so it's neat to think that maybe one of our kids will see a World Series championship. I'm not holding my breath.

Bad News!

Starlin Castro has suffered a hamstring injury. It doesn't appear to be serious, but since he's a Cub, it will ultimately ruin his career, probably. He joins Ian Stewart and Matt Garza in the "injured in Spring Training of all places" group, and is ultimately day-to-day.

Regular News!

There are 30 contests left for the MLB Fan Cave, and one of them is a Cubs fan. Based on the quality of her movie, I really, really hope that she loses. I was hoping for a little more production value, honestly.

7th Inning Stretch

Apparently, this isn't what the Cubs to have happen. As much as you might want "peanut butter and crack," the Cubs are going to try to just have former Cubs and "Chicago celebrities" sing the 7th inning stretch from now on. It has been ridiculous how stupid and banal the stretch has been the last few years, so I welcome the change. If you want to keep the tradition, I don't see why you can't just have a recording of Haray Caray do it on the days you don't have awesome guests, so we don't have to listen to the cast of Jersey Shore or whatever. If it has to be former Cubs, I vote for Leo Gomez and Glenallen Hill.

J'Marcus Webb arrested

Well, I guess there's another thing that J'Marcus Webb can't stop. Webb isn't terrible in run protection (12th in runs through him last year), but is awful in pass protection (after all, he's a member of the Bears OLine). It remains to be seen whether or not anything comes of this. 


Angel Pagan had more triples last year (15) than the New York Yankees did (13). (Castro led the Cubs, with 12, second most in the majors).

Tony Campana led the league in SB by a player without a 3B last year.

A drawing of the Cubs' new ST digs is pretty dreamy.