Daily Facepalm 3.15.12 – Calling in Sick with March Madness

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Practice Game recap

Travis Wood probably punched his ticket to Iowa yesterday, giving up six runs while only recording one out. Bullpen/tenth starter hopeful Casey Coleman also had a rough day, giving up four runs in less than two innings. The only particularly positive result of the day was that Randy Wells had three scoreless innings, allowing two hits and getting six grounders. He didn't strike anyone out, but it's certainly going to help his cause for the rotation.

Today's practice game(s)

A Cubs split squad takes on the Diamondbacks today at 3 ET, if you can pry yourself away from March Madness for that long. Pat and Zonk have the call. Here's the lineup

RF Johnson

CF Byrd

SS Castro

LF Soriano

1B Baker

C Soto

2B Barney

3B Vitters

P Dempster

The other split squad heads to play the Rockies, also at 3 CT. This game only has Rockies coverage. Lineup for this game

RF DeJesus

2B DeWitt

3B Cardenas

1B LaHair

CF Mather

LF Jackson

C Castillo

SS Lake

P Lopez

Paul Maholm and Andy Sonnanstine draw the short straw

They're starting split squad games this weekend in Arizona while the rest of the squad heads to Vegas.

Brett Jackson to start season in AAA

Not that much of a surprise. He's "blocked" by players who are being paid more than him, but probably aren't better players than him at this point. I think he'll be up by June once the Cubs can guarantee the extra year of service time.

Cubs to change minor league affiliate?

Brett from Bleacher Nation finds confirmation of a info heard a while ago about the Cubs A-ball team moving from Peoria to South Bend. Brett also mentions that it might be tough for them to move out of Peoria for political reasons (shaking down Illinois/Chicago for stadium $) but I don't think it would be a huge deal. Besides, doing a favor for the oh so sainted Golden Domers sycophants certainly wouldn't hurt in the Chicagoland area. Just put Jeff Samardzija out in front of the move.

March Madness starts today!

Brackets lock at the tipoff of the first game, which should be in half an hour or so. Give your Final Four in the comments, if you want to. I have Kentucky, Ohio State, Marquette, Kansas


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