Daily Facepalm – 3.5.13


MLBTR must be reading our comment section

They posted a "Where are they now" of everyone involved in the Matt Garza trade with Tampa. I forgot that the Cubs threw in Chirinos and Guyer, unfortunately for them they've both been plagued by injuries since moving to the Rays. 

This Jorge Soler guy could be pretty good

JD Sussman at Fangraphs wrote a glowing evaluation of Soler, and pointed out that he seems to be coming on strong after being out of the game for so long. Still, you'd think it would take less than a year to figure out how to hit a breaking ball when you're playing baseball almost every day. 

Let's not get ahead of ourselves with Brett Jackson's new swing

Keith Law saw BJax the other day ($) and said that his swing is different, but it might not necessarily be better. The bat speed and his batting eye and the rest are still there, but it's not likely change his contact issues.

Castro out until the weekend, at least

Meh. I don't get too worked up about position players in spring training, aside from an odd mechanics change (Jackson) or a position battle (Stewart). Spring Training is all about getting the pitchers up to speed. And bunting. We can't forget bunting.

Speaking of bunting

The following have advanced in the bunt tournament

Of those remaining in the bunt tournament, only Edwin Jackson and maybe Watkins are the only guys who a) will/could be on the team and b) it is reasonable that they might bunt in a game situation. Strength coach Tim Buss is still in the tournament. I'm rooting for a final between the trainer and the video guy (laughing)

Prospects in spring training

Javier Baez hit a home run in Sunday's game, while Jorge Soler struck out in his only PA. Dan Vogelbach worked a full count before striking out with the bases loaded in his first PA, but managed to draw a 4-0 walk in the ninth inning. Sveum was very impressed with his approach. So far Brett Jackson has 3 BB and 3 K in 16 PAs. 


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