Daily Facepalm 4.2.2 – Almost there edition

Was there a Cubs game yesterday?

Hola amigos. It's been a long time since I rapped at ya. The Cubs pounded the LAAoLAoAoDLoBA yesterday 8-1. Jared Weaver shut the Cubs down for five innning and fell apart in the sixth. Jeff Baker and Reed Johnson treated him like a lefty, hitting a monster HR off the batters eye and not long after hitting an easy triple. Tony Campana did Tony Campana things, getting on base with a grounder that got just past the 2b, stealing second (on a pitchout, no less), going to third on a wild pitch, and then being rewarded for his basepathsery by scoring from third on Jeff Baker's HR. Chris Rusin had a strong start against the Pujols-less linup. For some reason Matt Garza started a minor league game yesterday instead, which seems strange, because it's not like the Cubs have to worry about the Angels seeing too much of Matt Garza.

Is there a Cubs game today?

Jay Jackson starts against the DBacks in Scottsdale. Len and Mick have the call on mlb.com.

Are there real Cubs games soon?

Almost there…

Bullpen still taking shape

There are 8 pitchers left in camp for 7 spots: Carlos Marmol, Kerry Wood, James Russell, Rafael Dolis, Shawn Camp, Rodrigo Lopez, Lendy Castillo, and Manny Corpas. I'm guessing it's going to come down to Corpas and Castillo for the last spot. Camp looked pretty good yesterday (it may have been his Cubs debut, can't remember), striking out three in 1.2 innings.

Sveum and Soriano pushing Castro hard

Castro's been making a huge effort to work on his defense, both before the season started and afterwords. Aside from the daily personal attention that Sveum has been giving him, he's been getting work in early on his hitting every day with Alfonso Soriano.

News in fireworks factories

The Red Sox are complaining about Chris Carpenter's elbow injury and could be "exploring" re-opening the Theo compensation. That's just their due diligence though, they had full access to Carpenter's medicals, as well as giving him a physical themselves, and Carpenter told Ace Cubs Beat Reporter Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe that he felt great coming into spring training, and it just flared up in his last outing.

One thing that surprised me in the immediate aftermath and analysis of the Carpenter trade was that no one really mentioned his injury history. It's what put him in the bullpen in the first place. Though I'm guessing that the bone spurs are just a thing, and probably not correlated with his earlier problems.

The Noodle

Is back, unless this was a product of National Troll Day yesterday.

Cue cubbiejulie rage stroke

Speaking of National Troll Day

This one was pretty good:

In between innings of the game against the Nationals, the Cardinals’ public address announcer stated that the team was giving a car away to a lucky fan. Lance Berkman drove the vehicle onto the field, causing a Wainwright double-take from the dugout. Berkman then proceeded to “give away” Wainwright’s Chevy Silverado to the fan, a cousin of David Freese who was in on the joke from the start.

Phil Rogers on the Cubs investments in Cuban prospects

What we've learned: Poor English skills are a bigger barrier to moving up the ladder than breaking your ankle. How else will players learn the best place to eat lunch when they travel?

Sucks if you have DirectTV

The Tribune and DirectTV have failed to come to an agreement, so DirectTV's ~20 millon subscribers no longer have access to WGN or Trib-owned local tv stations through their dish. And it's not like they can just head out to a bar to watch the game – most bars get their signal from DirectTV themselves due to the Sunday Ticket package. They might work something out eventually, though missing a lot of Cubs games might not be a bad thing with this year's team.

Forum Highlight

This is a blog, not a message board, so take your discussions about last night's awesome Game of Thrones, sexism at Augusta National, and the lameness of the Olympics over here.

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