Daily Facepalm 6.10.13 – Welcome to the Cubs, Edwin Jackson


Edwin Jackson finally arrives

The 'real' Edwin Jackson showed up for the first time this season, striking out eight while allowing one run, one walk, and four hits in seven innings. More importantly, his fastball averaged 94.78 on the day, much closer to his career avg of 95 mph than the paltry low 93.x mph he had been throwing earlier this year. The velocity bump showed up in the rest of his pitches that well. We had a false start of excitement in his rain-shortened start against the White Sox last week – his stuff looked a lot better (maybe more movement), but the Cell has a hot gun and a historically bad offense. He was pummeled for 12 hits and five walks by the DBacks in his next start, averaging 92.4 on his fastball. He said the key to his good start was that he was just "having fun out there", so I guess he got a pep talk from Brett Favre before the game.

The offense managed to pull out a win thanks to the dynamic hitting abilities of Cubs 1-2 hitters Darwin Barney and Cody Ransom. *facepalm*. Gregg nailed down the save, and it's hard to believe it was only his seventh. Well, maybe not *that* hard to believe. Brett points out that it's been nearly a month since he's been in a save situation.

David DeJesus is quietly having a good year, but…

This puff piece on Cubs.com exhorting Cubs fans to vote for him (or really, any position player) for the ASG is kind of laughable. There are currently 14 NL OFs ahead of him in fWAR. With Starlin Castro's struggles, it's pretty clear that he's not going to continue his streak as the Cubs ASG representative. Luckily the Cubs have multiple starting pitchers who are more than worthy (Shark) or more-or-less worthy (Wood, Feldman), though I feel pretty certain in saying Shark is going to be the lone representative.

Dale Sveum's son is a grinder, or whatever the hockey equivalent is

Buried in this blurb about the Cubs living vicariously through the Blackhawks playoff run, Sveum talks about how he and his son are big hockey fans. His son had some loose teeth from hockey injuries and would only have them pulled at a hockey game, where he did it himself.

Kudos to the D-Backs

The D-backs drafted former Arizona State OF Cory Hahn in his first year of college elgibility. Hahn was paralyzed from the chest down following a horrific injury in 2011. Great writeup of the story from Fox Sports Arizona. (h/t HardballTalk). They plan to keep him involved in the org as a full-time employee. 

Signing news

The Cubs signed pitchers Zak Hermans (30th round) and 14th round pick Daniel Poncedeleon. A lot of people had Poncedeleon as the best name in the draft, but meh. No one's going to be usurping Rock Shoulders for the best name in hte minors anytime soon anyway (aside: his real name is RODERICK D. SHOULDERS. Somehow that's even better. If only his middle initial was F., he could be as much talent as Young Player Brad F. Snyder). 

Tweet of the yesterday

Carimi was a solid lineman in what was one of the best Badgers O-Lines ever. Too bad it didn't work out for him in the pros.


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