Daily Facepalm Returns with a Fiery Vengeance

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Cubs and Matt Garza Agree to Terms

It's no longterm contract extension, but the Cubs are tweeting that they've agreed to terms for 2012 with Matt Garza, thereby sticking it to the arbitor. Hurrah.



Yet Another Cuban Not Named Mark

The Cubs signed the Cuban kid Gerardo Concepcion. You can read all about reading about him here


Cubs' Blatant Neglect of Asia Continues

I don't know what the Cubs bother searching for talent anywhere but the Pacific Rim and Finland, but apparently there's some desire to recruit and foster talent in the Dominican Republic despite the shame Sammy Sosa brought us. Aisley says it makes him slightly less angry that Mark Cuban doesn't own the Cubs. I don't get it.

Video I Enjoyed Recently

I was told I remind someone of the honey badger. Okay. 

UPDATE: Is There a Cubs Game Today?