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Since the proliferation of blogworthy Cubs news and content seemingly never ceases to exceed the capacity of this blog and threatens to overwhelm the bandwidth of even the most casual Cubs fan, we here at the Obstructed View corporate offices decided it was time to have a daily dump of Cubs crap bulletin of Cubs-related goodness and general profane interweb linkage. You know, for the people who don't have time to read the vast prolific tomes of Hobbiton and pioneer new memes springing up from the Forest of Gif. So without further ado, welcome to the Daily Facepalm. We hope you hate it less than silence.

2012 Cubs Spring Training Broadcast Schedule

On March 4, you can hear the Cubs play the A's on mlb.com. Not that this or any of the other games on the relatively recently released broadcast schedule will count, but for the first inning or so, it will feel like baseball is back. The first televised game will be March 10 on WGN. The revolution will be available only to Gameday subscribers.

Best Shape of His Life Spotlight, Muay Thai Edition

Marlon Byrd is in the best shape of his life thanks to his extensive Muay Thai training and a new diet designed to accomodate his newly discovered allergies to wheat and milk. Not only can we expect a quicker, faster Marlon, but we can now rest assured that he will no longer get bullied by the likes of Tony Campana and Kim DeJesus.

Tweet Lovin'

Yup. Someone said that.

Discredited in Pictures

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Jason Jaramillo signed a minor league contract with the Cubs and hopes to fill the thumbless glove of Koyie Hill. Feel free to come up with a fitting caption for this shot. (Jose M. Osorio / Chicago Tribune)

Is There A Cubs Game Today?


Random Comment Gold

Fact: South Carolina wants the Assistant to the Regional Manager to run this country. h/t to MO