DFP 1-12-30: He Saw It All

Obstructed View Daily Facepalm

In Peace

One of the last living witnesses to the Cubs dynasty bids us farewell

Henry Widegren was the rarest of Cubs fans. A lot of people can say they’re the biggest fan or the craziest fan or the fan least likely to succeed (I’m not sure why people would say such things, but they can without any real basis for dispute), but Henry could boast of something few people alive can compare with: he lived to see the Cubs win the World Series. Granted, he wasn’t even a year old, but he was alive when it happened. Sadly, the list of living witnesses to the Cubs’ championship years has decreased by one. Henry passed away at the age of 104. It seems like he lived a long and happy life. But today’s facepalm has begun as depressing as hell. Who’s ready for baseball?

Bid Selif

I know the recent quotes from Bud Selig about the Cubs/Red Sox compensation are old news, but this Trib article is a must read simply for the typos. Great galloping Gallardos, there’s some good stuff in there.

Is There a Cubs Game Today?



I’m not even making fun of this tweet. I admire the ludicrous optimism. If one must be optimistic, one should take it to the extreme.

Reader Photo of the Day

Thanks to Josh for posting photos of his recent meetup with MO, SK, Ryno, RC, and Mish.

Josh and the guys chillin' after the big "game"