Fortnightly Facepalm: 6.3.12 Draft, Soler, Baez, Garza, Dempster

I guess there's something going on tomorrow?

The MLB draft is tomorrow. The Cubs worked out possible first round picks Carlos Correa (SS) and Max Fried (P) earlier this week, and several draft evaluators are prognisticating that the Cubs will take high school OF Albert Almora. It's nice not having to worry about the Cubs picking another Tyler Colvin or Homer Simpson.

Jorge Soler's free agency is now officially official

The Cubs can now officially pursue Jorge Soler, His agent wants all offers submitted by Thursday, which is well before next month's CBA spending deadline. I guess we'll find out soon if the Cubs (or some other team) did have a handshake deal with him after all. The rumored Cubs deal earlier in the offseason was 4/27, and I hope that's not true. The Cubs need young talent, but at what price? Young talent is what teams need, but price is as big a factor in their value as aging curves. That amount of money would be better spent on a free agent rather than a guy with a ton of uncertainty who, even if he does pan out, will have a relatively expensive baseline to negotiate further contracts while he's under team control. The Cubs can afford it, but there are probably better ways to spend their money without overreacting to the new CBA.

The Cubs brass do seem to be impressed with Soler. Sveum said he likes his bat, but thinks that Correa might be a little better.

Javier Baez does what he wants

Last night Javier Baez hit a 4,000 foot HR (video below) and was later drilled in the ribs for swinging at a 3-0 pitch with a 13 run lead. The opposing manager was as obvious as possible about the pitch, coming out to talk to the pitcher immediately after the swing. Both were immediately ejected. Hopefully the opposing team also took the rest of the night off and refused to swing at every pitch for the rest of the game, since they already said the game was over. Asshats.

Also mentioned in dj's recap, Josh Vitters is still hitting well. He had a homer and a double in last night's game and now has a .276/.327/.470 line (.341 wOBA) on the season. Good thing for him that Ian Stewart isn't really staking any claim on the 3b job for next year. Speaking of Stewart, his bum wrist is bothering him yet again.

Matt Garza trade rumors heating up

John Heyman has reported that the Yankees have already expressed some interest, and Olney thinks that the Blue Jays could be a good partner. Garza has AL East Experience which gives him extra value to those teams. It's too bad the Rays likely won't have much interest in bringing him back, I'd love for the Cubs to crack into that farm system.

Speaking of pitching fire sales

The Dodgers could be a destination for Ryan Dempster. According to CBS's Danny Knobler they're looking to pursue pitching and hitting  (what else is there?), and wanted Dempster a few years ago before the Cubs extended him.

How's that Marlon Byrd trade working out?

Maroln Byrd with the Red Sox: 102 PA , .271/.287/.393, .257 wOBA, -0.3 WAR

Michael Bowden with the Cubs: 9.2 IP, 7.45 ERA, 5.61 FIP, 4.98 xFIP, -0.1 WAR, designated for assignment

I guess the Cubs are winning this trade (dying laughing)

Just because