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Ted Lilly Added to Cubs front office

Ted Lilly signed on with the Cubs FO as a special assistant, and should be around as an instructor in spring training as well as doing some scouting and stuff during the season. Even though he struggled with injuries last year and retired this offseason, he might still have been good enough to crack the Cubs rotation. Like the CBA, the new home plate collision rules are also an unexpected drag on the Cubs as Lilly will have a more difficult time instructing players how to obliterate Yadier Molina.

Did we even go over the BA top 100?

The best (IMO) prospect list of the offseason (Baseball America) was released a week or two ago. We were all busy partying on the OV yacht that we bought with our intellectual property money to give it much notice, but this is how the Cubs did.

Much better than when Thoyer took over, when the list was

  • 38. Brett Jackson
  • 61. Javier Baez
  • 64. Matt Szczur
  • Cashner wasn't on the list at this point, not sure if he had lost his 'prospect' elgibility

More prospects chatter #insidejokehashtag

BP's Jason Parks visited the Cubs new facilities the other day and was impressed. He had a few comments on the Cubs top guys, but it's mostly scout-ese so I can't really add anything to it. He was really impressed by Almora especially, and thinks any defensive issues Baez has are coachable. He also says that Baez has the highest ceiling of any of the elite prospects out there, so (don't) get excited Cubs fans.

OV's owner-in-chief does good work

Benevolent Internet Overlord Harry Pavlidis, along with Dan Brooks, published a big study on catcher framing to BP yesterday. Probably the biggest surprise was that not only is Yadi a great defensive catcher, he's matched with the staff that's best suited to shaving the edges of zones via framing. Just one more reason to admire/hate those assholes. No Cubs players of note showed up on either of the best or worst lists by the new metric.


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