Random Facepalm (10-4): Thank the Good Lord That’s Over

The Cubs' season has mercifully ended and now things get interesting again as Theo continues his overhaul of the entire organization.

All Coaches Returning Next Year, Please Step Forward. Not So Fast, Pat…

The strains of the final playing of "Go Cubs Go" were still echoing in the park when the team announced Pat Listach would not be returning in 2013.  Lucky bastard.  I wonder what he did wrong? 

"He did a great job, and it's not anything he did," Sveum said.

Ok… well… it appears they loved his coaching so much, they decided to cut it short.  /Quade'd

Hope You Enjoyed Iowa, Boys

Theo had a season-ending press conference and among the snippets tweeted out (which I'm sure will be covered more thoroughly later) were his thoughts on Brett Jackson and Josh Vitters:

I saw in the last thread that people had varying takes on what Theo's words mean, but I personally think they are hoping to still work on Jackson's swing so he can one day become useful in the majors, and they aren't going to cut Vitters or anything, but I think their expectations of him are dwindling.  But he did not commit to either player as part of the Cubs' future, so I'm guessing this was mostly a way to spin their less-than-optimal debuts as positively as possible as they head into the off-season trade talks.  I would not be shocked in the least if either or both of these guys are packaged with someone (Soriano? Marmol?) in an attempt to pry some starting pitching away from somebody.

Gordo and Boras Do Not Care For the Cubs' Rebuild Strategy

I honestly don't know what Gordo was getting at except that he was displeased and he was quoting Scott Boras as his expert-in-the-know to support his uneasiness with Theo's rebuild plan.  

“They’ve sold you guys a bill of goods,’’ agent Scott Boras said.

Then Gordo goes through a list of reasons why the Cubs have more money to spend to superficially build the major league team up while they fix the foundation in the background, but that's easy to say when it's not your money.  Boras obviously wants the Cubs to be players in the free agent market because he wants as many large market teams bidding against each other as possible.  Scott Boras doesn't give two shits about what is best for the Cubs. He wants the most money for his clients and himself so he is suckering guys like Gordo into writing stories like these to rile up the masses.  The problem is that Theo isn't as gullible.

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Did We Move the OV Forums Again?

Yes. http://www.obstructedview.net/community/topic/new-new-forums


I don't fucking know. Spam or some shit.

GIF of the Day

GIF of the Day 2: Electric Boogaloo

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A's Pitcher Pat Neshek and His Family Need Some Thoughts and Prayers. Seriously

Shortly after the A's clinched the division, Pat Neshek sent out a depressingly soul-crushing tweet:

I can't comprehend the rollercoaster of emotion he and his family must have gone through yesterday.

Far Less Important and Far Less Depressing News About Moving a Wall at Wrigley

Because we can't end on that note, here's one last blurb about the Cubs getting approval from the Commission on Public Landmarks to move the wall behind home plate an extra 3 feet closer to home plate. This addition to the ballpark is expected to accomodate one more row of 56 seats from which rich assholes can mime giving blowjobs to the camera.



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