Breaking Bad Season 4 Premiere

Figured we should start a thread for this if anyone wants to talk about so we’re not spoiling anything for those who haven’t seen it. So if you haven’t seen it, don’t read this thread. If you do, don’t complain about hearing stuff you didn’t want to know.

About Nothing In Particular

The all-star game was last night. We heard a lot from former players about how it’s a disgrace to not go to the game if you’re chosen. The game isn’t the same as it once was and people’s priorities aren’t the same either. If someone does’t want to go play a practice game then so […]

Obstructed View Demographics Survey

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3 balls and 2 strikes?

How about instead of 4 balls and 3 strikes baseball went to 3 balls and 2 strikes? For one thing, it would shorten the game, which I’m in favor of. It would almost certainly eliminate 75% of the bullpen, which I’m also in favor of. Just thought I’d post a link to the discussion on […]

Contest down to 4

UPDATE: Megan is also still alive. Everyone who entered a prediction to win an Obstructed View shirt has been eliminated with the exception of Suburban Kid, ACT and jherky. Let’s go over the possibilities. If the Cubs win, jherky wins. If they don’t, he’s out. If they lose today then it goes to the first […]

Contest update

In early June we set up a contest where the winner would win an Obstructed View t-shirt. All you had to do was guess what the Cubs record in June was going to be. The tiebreakers were runs scored, runs allowed and the number of hits by Starlin Castro. With 5 games left in the […]

Jeffrey Ross Roasts Ryan Dempster

After the game yesterday, we headed down to the Vic Theatre to see Jeffrey Ross.  If you have never seen Jeffrey Ross perform (and you don’t have delicate sensibilities), he is pretty damn funny.  He generally can be found doing the celebrity roasts that Comedy Central has brought back from the Dean Martin days.   […]

Paul McCartney Confirmed to Be Most Exciting Thing at Wrigley This Summer

Greg Kot of the Tribune reports: Paul McCartney announced Monday that he will play his first Chicago concert since 2005 when he headlines July 31 at Wrigley Field. Tickets will go on sale June 20 at for the rare date at the Cubs ballpark, which has seen only a handful of concerts in past summers […]

Paul Sullivan Has A Problem, Pt. ∞

On April 30th, a scant 13 days after an 8 IP, 0 ER, 1 BB, 10K appearance by Carlos Zambrano, Paul Sullivan wrote that Garza was the first Cub to go eight innings that year. We mocked it, but thought nothing of it. Unfortunately, we were asleep on the watch. Last week, Zambrano again took […]

Something for Memorial Day

I know some of you folks served in the military and would appreciate something like this.  As Memorial Day is tomorrow I thought I’d hunt down some information on veterans associated with baseball who served during war time.  The most well-known were those who served in World War II, and this website does a good […]

All of the United States Except Miami vs. Miami – Game 4

You have to figure that if the Bulls can ever actually hit a two-foot shot, their chances for victory go way up.  We’ll see what happens. For now let’s give it up for Chris Bosh for not being totally irrelevant in this series. Her-cu-les! Her-cu-les!

A Post About Posts

When posting something to Unobstructed Views, you really only need to know a few things. Most of it is self-explantory. The buttons on the editor are helpful and if you scroll over one of them it will tell you what it does. Linking: Highlight the text you want to turn into a link and then […]