TGIF Is A Replacement Level Restaurant

I hope I don’t get fired by Tim, Adam and Berselius for writing a post that is only loosely tied to sports, but after reading a couple threads on the fantastic The Book Blog over the last week, I’m going to do it. The first thread I’m not going to bother looking for as it […]

NL Central Preview: St. Louis Cardinals

Last Year: Most thought that the Cardinals had all the pieces to run away with the NL Central, but somehow it never came together. Their offense dipped by 4 points from their 2009 rate to a .321 wOBA, good for 7th in the NL. Their pitchers posted an excellent 3.57 ERA (4th) and a 3.85 […]

NL Central Preview: Cincinnati Reds

Last Year: The Reds surprised many by winning the division over the heavily favored Cardinals. My memory stinks, but from what I remember BPro had them as a slight favorite going into the season and I thought they were insane. The Reds vindicated BP, posting the best offense in the NL (.339 wOBA) with below-average […]

Ten Myths About Obstructed View Debunked

Since the announcement of the repeat of the end of sports history and the dawn of a newly discredited day, I’ve heard a lot of nasty rumors about what Obstructed View will be like. Mostly it’s a bunch of lies and obvious misrepresentations, so I just want to clear the air right off the bat. […]

Obstructed View Now Playing

It would be foolish of us to start by telling you everything we have planned with this blog so you can set unreasonable expectations. The truth is we only have a tentative plan, which is to keep doing what we’ve been doing on our own blogs. It’s what brought you to our initial sites and […]