Chicago Media Mourns Bears Loss By Mocking Steve Bartman For Some Reason

How can you tell the difference between our local mainstream media writers and meatball sports radio callers? That’s not the start of a joke, I’m seriously asking. Obviously, those of us who are even dimly aware of the NFL probably know by now that Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos overcame incredible odds and adversity […]

Wanna help on a Big Ten Blog?

wv23 who unfortunately shut down my favorite Cubs blog on the internet quite awhile back is running a Big Ten blog with another guy. I’ll quote wv23. hey all – mb21 has graciously offered to provide some Iowa coverage at our new Big Ten site, when he can. Thanks, mb. That said, we are in […]

More Thoughts on the PSU Sex Scandal

Last night I was thinking about the PSU Child Rape Scandal. One of these days I’ll stop thinking about it, but I don’t know when that will be. One of the things that has stood out to me in this case is that there are multiple people who made mistakes and/or were involved in a […]

Penn State Sex Scandal

Figured since people are interested in discussing it that we may as well have a thread on Unobstructed Views about it so we don’t litter all the others with talk about old men raping children.

An Interview with Bill James

What the hell do you say about Bill James? No introduction is necessary, but not having one seems lame. It’s Bill James. Obstructed View: You’ve mentioned in recent years how talking with scouts in Boston has helped you see the game in a way you hadn’t explored before. Has this changed the way you view […]

Best of Breaking Bad Season 4

This is a couple weeks old, but I just happened to find it today so sue me. They’re wondering what the BB fans think was the best episode in this last season. There were so many great moments throughout the season. It seemed every week we were talking about how it was an Emmy moment […]

Yes you can measure intangibles

It’s popular for the anti-stats crowd to say that you can’t measure intangibles. Brian Burke explains how we already do measure intangibles. h/t to Tangotiger

Chicago Tribune is now accepting hearsay from random people

Per NDB Paul Sullivan, some dude wearing a purple tshirt thinks he saw Theo Epstein at a Chicago Starbucks. True to form, he managed to work in a completely unrelated dig on Zambrano. Seriously, Tribune? There have been sightings of Theo all over the city, and this is the one you dug up? We intrepid […]

More Shameless Self Promotion

My dad’s book came out this week on Amazon and Kindle (link below). He and his co-author made a brief appearance in the film “Catching Hell” – they’re the two self-appointed Commissioners of the Bartman Play. The book is an adaptation of their Commission Report and basically analyzes the play from a rules perspective. It […]

Breaking Bad: End Times

Walt, left just over the edge of sanity from the events of last week, is left with too little money, too little leverage and too many people to protect. 

Breaking Bad: Salud

I don’t see how this season comes down to anything other than this faceoff from last season resulting in the death of one of them.