Cubs vs. Phillies vs. Iowa Cubs

The Cubs' are really running a daunting lineup out there for their game against the Phillies today.

  1. Campana CF
  2. Barney 2B
  3. Castro SS
  4. LaHair 1B
  5. Baker RF
  6. Stewart 3B
  7. Mather LF
  8. Castillo C
  9. Garza P

Meanwhile, the Iowa Cubs' lineup today against Nashville is:

  1. B. Jackson CF
  2. Amezaga RF
  3. Valbuena SS
  4. Rizzo 1B
  5. Wright LF
  6. Cardenas 2B
  7. Vitters 3B
  8. Apodaca C
  9. J. Jackson P

Is it me, or is the Iowa lineup more imposing?


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