Cubs/Giants DH – Game 2: In Case Anyone Hasn’t Cried Uncle

The first game between the Cubs and the Giants had all kinds of unusual stuff going on. Koyie Hill actually hit the ball and had it actually leave the ballpark in actual fair territory.  No really.  Here’s proof:

Also, Alfonso Soriano took a bases loaded walk after starting out on an 0-2 count with two outs. James Russell managed to throw more than one inning of scoreless baseball.

It also had stuff that is all too familiar.  The Cubs getting men into scoring position with nobody out and then not scoring.  Doug Davis remembered he was Doug Davis. John Grabow continued to have excellent recollection that he is John Grabow.  Alfonso Soriano made a horrible defensive play.

After it was all over, they had lost 13-7.  But the good news is, they get to do it all over again.  And this time we get treated to a Rodrigo Lopez start.  I expect hilarity.



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