First Half Mercifully Ends

The first half of the Cubs’ season draws to an end today in Pittsburgh, thus leading us to wonder: It’s only the fucking All-Star break?!

Starlin Castro has managed to play well enough at a thin enough position that he could be starting the All-Star game, and Aramis Ramirez has gotten serious buzz as a potential injury replacement at third base.  Who would’ve known this team was good enough to maybe have two All-Stars? (Three if you count Quade.)

Meanwhile, heaven and earth had to be moved to get Andrew McCutchen onto the All-Star team despite being second in WAR in the National League, and the Pirates are seriously pushing Milwaukee and St. Louis for the NL Central title (AKA Tallest Midget Award).  Searching for logic in anything surrounding the All-Star game is basically the equivalent of a snipe hunt.

But first things first, the Cubs play a game today and will start Ramon Ortiz again (sad trombone).  The biggest suspense probably involves who will be in the booth with Len today.  On Friday, Todd Hollandsworth did his best to give Len an early break by Never. Shutting. Up. Ever.  He may still be talking about the game. On Saturday, Dave Campbell joined Len, and from what I heard, it was a refreshing change.

I could probably look up who will be there today, but that takes all the fun out of it.

Here is Cuey’s lineup:

Reedz RF
Cassie SS
Rodrigo 3B
Bake 1B
Sote C
Lon CF
Adolfo LF
Barn 2B
Moaney P

We’ll see what happens.


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