2012 Astros Draft: Behind The Scenes

There's a fantastic article about the Astros draft on Crawfish Boxes. Here's a snippet:

1.1: Heck and Luhnow both talked of the 1.1 like it was a frightening blessing, like triplets. They kept saying that they needed to get their guy but there were no guarantees. They talked about 1.1 pressures, responsibilities, etc. We know they took Correa and pretty much everyone is happy.

#1 pick: It sounded as though they were undecided on the pick until minutes before they took it. They stated Correas camp and "another" camp were in contact with Luhnow until the end. They showed a call between Luhnow and "Other" camp saying they were going another way, good luck. I have a feeling Correa and the other camp were both coming down and Luhnow heard a number that made one more attractive. Although the whole contract or even an exact number was not negotiated IMO.