Chance to win $200 gift card at The Outside Corner on Bloguin

We're glad that we're among your go to destinations for Cubs blogs. Despite my occasional attempts to cover MLB more thoroughly, it ends up failing. Since we don't cover MLB thoroughly, we wanted to suggest you spend some time over at The Outside Corner every now and again. They're in our 5 site rotation of daily national reads and have taken it upon themselves to try to solve a problem many of us wrestle with:  How to efficiently find good baseball content? You'll recall that Berselius published a pre-season analysis of the Cubs over at The Outside Corner.

Below is a look at The Outside Corner Newsletter that will be going out 1-2x a week starting tomorrow. Obviously they'll promote their own content, but it will be similar to the Awful Announcing Newsletter (recommended as well), in which they'll promote the must reads of the week from all around the web as well as tweets and photos you may have missed. Basically, if you signup you can read more quality baseball content since we're too lazy to provide non-Cubs news.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! If you sign up here, you'll be entered for a $200 Vivid Seats Gift Card drawing they'll do at the end of the month.

Yes they paid us to post this, but we wouldn't have done so if we didn't think this was a worthy cause so sign up before they cancel the check.

Now back to your regular programming.

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