Daily Facepalm – 1.10.13


Hall of Fame

Nobody was elected to the Hall of Fame yesterday. It wasn’t that surprising based on Repoz’s collection of the ballots published online, but still frustrating.

The New York Times covered the front page of the sports with this instant classic.


It will only be more difficult to get into the Hall of Fame now that so many qualified players remain on the ballot.

McCovey Chronicles offers us their big, important opinions.

Long rant short: Keeping steroid users out is an exercise in ignoring context. It makes the Hall of Fame a museum without context. That’s like a movie without images, a smore without graham crackers, or a copy of Snow’s Greatest Hits without “Informer.” Or, for that matter, a DVD of Snow’s greatest hits without Game 2 of the 2000 NLDS. What’s the point? What is this whole thing for? Shouldn’t you just stop and call it something else?

The only way to argue otherwise is to see the Hall of Fame as nothing but some sort of reward for the players. If that’s the point of the Hall of Fame, maybe we need a separate museum that tells about baseball’s history instead. I’d rather go to that one.

 Charles P. Pierce gave us yesterday’s midday diversion.

Hurrah, sports fans, it’s National Self-Righteousness Day! Somehow, America’s baseball writers have managed to decide which of our retired ballplayers are moral enough deserve to be placed in honored glory in a museum next to wife-beaters, racists, drunkards, whoremongers, segregationists, and murderers.

Jonah Keri writes about the fallacy of the Hall of Fame. I’d quote something, but it’s too fantastic to skip over any of it. Go read it. Now.

Dumbest Question Ever?

I doubt it’s the dumbest question ever, but it certainly is a dumb one.


This question, “How much do you blame Jay Cutler for RG III’s injury,” is so utterly useless it is causing me to physically lose brain cells by the second just contemplating how anyone could put those words together in that order and display it on national television.

I don’t really care about the Bears or professional football for that matter, but yes, that is a ridiculously dumb question. Probably not as dumb as this one: is there anyone, anyone at all, on the 2013 MLB Hall of Fame ballot that deserves to be in Cooperstown right now?

No, that question is even dumber than the Cutler one because the answer is far more obvious.

OV Forums

Bubbles started some Breaking Bad discussion for us. How will Walt die? Will Jesse die along with him? Will he find out about Walt’s involvement in the death of Jane and the poisoning of Brock? Who knows?

Would you like to talk about offensive sports mascots? The trillion dollar coin? Season 3 of Justified? The new season of Justified?

This is a Cubs blog

 Unfortunately, there is no Cubs news worthy of discussing that I’m aware of.