Microsoft smart glasses and baseball

I happened to see this article this morning on the BBC app and thought it was interesting enough to highlight here. Microsoft has patented some smart glasses similar to what Google and every other tech company is working on.

As the graphic shows, it could be used to display baseball statistics, but I would think it could be more useful than that. The technology could be used to help us learn more about the game much like technology already has.

It's also possible that teams could take advantage of this and add advertising to increase revenues.

It might give you something interesting to do at a Cubs game. Maybe you can even watch another game at which point I would think it would be necessary for Wrigley Field to had these to customers as they enter.

Maybe if Cubs fans were wearing smart glasses they wouldn't be so stupid.

Maybe Joe Morgan would learn a thing or two. Maybe Jim Hendry would realize signing relievers to multi-year deals is often a poor decision.

You never know.