National League Power Rankings, 4-28-12

At the beginning of March we did a pre-season NL power rankings and plan to do this every few weeks once the season starts. DJ is taking part in these now too so there are 5 really smart and knowledgeable people. These are probably the most accurate power rankings you'll ever find. You shouldn't even question them since they are so accurate. Take our word for it.

Rk. Team Avg W-L Comment Up/Dwn
1 1.4 13-7 No Pujols. No Carpenter. Wainright terrible so far. Doesn't matter. Best team in the league.  2
2 4.4 14-6 The Dodgers have played 16 games against teams who are worse than .500. They're 12-4 in those games, but they're not going to play teams with below average records all season. Matt Kemp may be fun to watch all season long though. 9
3 4.8 13-7 Even though the Braves are behind the Nationals in the standings at the moment, they are have really been playing well lately, going 13-3 after the embarassing 0-4 start. -1
4 5.2 10-10 If Lincecum is tranformed, they're boned. 2
5 5.4 14-6 Their youth could propel them to the top of the toughest division in the NL 4

5.6 9-11 Phils are getting their money's worth on the Howard extension. He hasn't struck out yet this year! -5
7 6.4 10-10 Josh Collmenter and Daniel Hudson haven't been performing as they'd like, plus they lost Chris Young to the DL and they're still managing to break even. 2
8 6.8 9-11 Losing Narveson for the whole season hurts the Brewers. -1
9 8.4 7-12 So far, the most interesting thing about this team has been a rarely activated HR device and the manager's foray into foreign relations. -4
10 8.6 9-11 Madson went down before the season started, Marshall has struggled, and their best pitcher is serving as a set-up man. Plus Brandon Phillips seems to be struggling under the weight of his new contract extension. -6
11 10.2 10-9 Troy Tuluwitzki isn't off to a bad start by any means, but it's not as good as he and the Rockies would hope. It appears the reason for this is that his GB/FB ratio is 1.8 compared to 1.1 in his career. His BB%, K% and BABIP are all in line with what we'd expect. -1
12 11.4 11-9 The Mets are going to stink, but at least they had a decent start out of the gate. Not sure if I'd rather have that or no for the Cubs 2
13 13.2 7-14 At 7-14 the Padres own the worst record in the NL and are already 8 games out of first place.  -1
14 13.8 8-11 Better than the Cubs 2 years in a row. That should be their 2013 slogan. -1
15 15.2 8-12 J.D. Martinez! Jose Altuve! So there are bright spots for the future. Sadly, neither of them can pitch so it's pretty much Wandy Rodriguez and pray for a crapload of rain. 1
16 15.2 7-13 This is a year! -1

The Astros had 3 votes for 16th, but 1 for 13th. The Cubs had none higher than 14th so since they were tied with an average rating of 15.2, we went with the team that the highest vote, which was the Astros.

Here's how we all voted:


DylanJ mb21 berselius AndCounting Aisle 424
St. Louis Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals Los Angeles Dodgers St. Louis Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals
Arizona Diamondbacks San Francisco Giants Washington Nationals Los Angeles Dodgers Washington Nationals
MIlwaukee Brewers Philadelphia Phillies St. Louis Cardinals San Francisco Giants Los Angeles Dodgers
Los Angeles Dodgers Atlanta Braves Atlanta Braves Atlanta Braves Atlanta Braves
San Francisco Giants Cincinnati Reds Miami Marlins Washington Nationals Philadelphia Phillies
Cincinnati Reds MIlwaukee Brewers San Francisco Giants Philadelphia Phillies MIlwaukee Brewers
Philadelphia Phillies Miami Marlins Philadelphia Phillies Arizona Diamondbacks Arizona Diamondbacks
Atlanta Braves Arizona Diamondbacks Arizona Diamondbacks MIlwaukee Brewers Colorado Rockies
Washington Nationals Washington Nationals Cincinnati Reds Miami Marlins Miami Marlins
San Diego Padres Colorado Rockies New York Mets Colorado Rockies San Francisco Giants
Colorado Rockies New York Mets MIlwaukee Brewers Cincinnati Reds New York Mets
Miami Marlins Los Angeles Dodgers Colorado Rockies New York Mets Cincinnati Reds
New York Mets San Diego Padres Pittsburgh Pirates San Diego Padres Houston Astros
Pittsburgh Pirates Pittsburgh Pirates Chicago Cubs Pittsburgh Pirates Pittsburgh Pirates
Houston Astros Chicago Cubs San Diego Padres Chicago Cubs San Diego Padres
Chicago Cubs Houston Astros Houston Astros Houston Astros Chicago Cubs