New CBA notes

We needed a new thread and I’ve been busy this weekend so you get a link to MLB Trade Rumors about the new CBA.

  • minimum salary will increased from $414,000 to $480,000 next year and $500,000 after that.
  • Super Two cutoff is now the 22% with the most service time between 2 and 3 years rather than 17%
  • blood testing for HGH with penalties similar to steroids
  • Division winners will reportedly be able to play teams from their own division in the LDS now, which is how it should have always been.

The Super Two cutoff being changed will have no direct impact on the Cubs. Starlin Castro was already going to be super two eligible after this season. It could have an impact in that teams, possibly even the Cubs, bring players up later than usual to ensure they get 3 full seasons plus a partial season of league minimum payment. Brett Jackson could be one of those guys.

Blood testing for HGH? Who cares?

The rule not allowing two teams within a division to play one another in the LDS was always stupid. Glad that’s gone if the report from Buster Olney is true.