Obstructed View Hall of Fame Survey

Aisle 424 suggested we have a Hall of Fame survey that includes all 37 players on the ballot. We figured it might be fun so we've set one up. We're using the same rules: pick no more than 10, 75% required to enter.

Here is a helpful link from B-Ref that brings together all of the HOF candidates' stats on one page for easy reference.

The survey includes yes, no and no answer options, but you only need to select "yes" for those you think should be in the Hall of Fame. You do not need to click "No" (we're trying to save you some time).

We're keeping the voting open until 2 weeks from Sunday (December 9th). We'd like to get as much participation as possible so we're asking you to tweet this or post it on facebook. We'll be doing the same on occasion too.

When the voting closes we'll reveal who gets into our Hall of Fame and we'll each discuss our ballots and the reasoning for why we voted for certain players. We'll also do a community round-up.

It shouldn't take you too long so please take some when you ge ta chance. Click the link below to vote and feel free to share your ballot in the comments.

Obstructed View Hall of Fame Survey