OV’s Free Agent Frenzy

We figured we may as well have a free agent contest this offseason. The winner will get 5 free subscriptions to Obstructed View along with bragging rights for a full calendar year. I took the top free agents from this article. I took out Dan Haren because I can't imagine his option not being exercised. Here are the top 15 free agents according to that author and that's good enough for our little contest (not all potential free agents are included, just the ones that are likely to reach free agency):

1. Josh Hamilton
2. Zack Greinke
3. BJ Upton
4. Edwin Jackson
5. Michael Bourn
6. Nick Swisher
7. Jake Peavy
8. Anibal Sanchez
9. David Ortiz
10. Hiroki Kuroda
11. Mariano Rivera
12. Ryan Dempster
13. Mike Napoli
14. Adam LaRoche
15. Kyle Lohse

The free agent you're most certain of will get 15 points all the way down to 1 for the one you are least certain of. For example:

Mariano Rivera, Yankees, 15
Hiroki Kuroda, Yankees, 14
Michael Bourn, Braves, 13
Kyle Lohse, Cubs, 12

I'm more certain that Rivera will sign with the Yankees than I am that Lohse will sign with the Cubs.