Power hitters should be bunting more frequently

I figured we could use a new post and it seemed like a good time to point out how power hitters are failing to maximize their production. Many of them are shifted against these days, even right-handed batters. The obvious way to put a stop to this is to bunt.

All you've got to do as a batter is get the bunt into that wide open area on the right side of the infield. In an era in which even the fans and media have begun to accept the value of OBP, it's really strange that batters who are shifted against don't take advantage of an obvious way to increase their OBP. These batters should be bunting every single time the defense shifts like this. Every single time.

Carlos Pena was pretty good at it though he didn't bunt as much as he needed to. He would still at least lay one down on occasion and he was safe more often than not. If you keep doing it the defense will have to adjust and then you have more holes to hit it through. Any batters not bunting agaist the shift isn't doing his job well enough. In that picture above, the defense is literally giving him the bunt hit. Take it. Take what the defense gives you.

Tango is wondering how you incentivize it. I don't know. I think you need one power hitter to do it and when he sees his next paycheck the others will begin doing it. you just have to find that one who is going to do it every single time. Either that or your manager makes you do it.