Pre-Season NL Power Rankings

Throughout the season we'll be publishing our NL Power Rankings. We won't do this each week and maybe not even every other week, but we figured there's going to be little to talk about with regards to the Cubs so we needed as many alternatives as possible. We also plan to invite someone each time to take part in it. For the pre-season rankings we contacted Brett from Bleacher Nation and he was more than happy to take part. The team comments are from one of the four who run Obstructed View unless otherwise noted.

Rk. Team W-L Comment Up/Dwn


0-0 Pitching, pitching and pitching. They're the Braves of the 1990s. Great pitching, bad offense. Halladay, Lee and Hamels are as good as it gets for the top 3 in a rotation. -
2 0-0 The Braves are one of three teams in the NL East who could potentially be the best team in the league. Chipper is still well above average, they have a very good catcher in McCann, and Heyward is looking to improve. The Braves rotation doesn't match the Phillies, but Hudson and Hanson make a strong top of the rotation. -
3 0-0 Every year the Cardinals add a new Cub killer, and this year it's Carlos Beltran (career 1.004 OPS vs. Cub pitching). The return of Adam Wainwright should help, because he's good at baseball, but their best players are pretty old and none are named Pujols. They won't be injury proof. -
4 0-0 If Aroldis Chapman can stick in the rotation, they'll be harder to outscore on a regular basis. -
5 0-0 The uniforms still suck. — Brett, Bleacher Nation -
6 0-0 They'll have Buster Posey (i.e. half their offense) back, which should edge them ahead of the rest of the NL West. -
7 0-0 Something's brewing in Milwaukee's fridge, and it smells extra strong. Ryan Braun benefited from the arbiter's rash decision, Bud Selig is pissed, and the Brewers could collect the NL Central crown on puns alone. They can just FedEx this one in. -
8 0-0 Should be docked a few wins for signing berselius's other bete noire, Joe Saunders. Ian Kennedy proving he's not a flash in the pan will be a big part in any success they have. -
9 0-0 The starting rotation has huge upside and could be very formidable if they can get a full season out of Strasburg at the top. -
10 0-0 The Rockies big offseason moves brought them ex-Cubs and Michael Cuddyer. It will be fun to see Tyler Colvin hit the occasional 800-ft homer, but Cargo and Tulo will still be what keeps this team likely either to contend or to acquire Mike Quade as their new nickname guy. -
11 0-0 They have a superstar in Matt Kemp, but he can't do it all -
12 0-0 The trade for Alonso is still a bit of a head-scratcher. I think they'll still have trouble scoring more than 600 runs this season. -
13 0-0 Would have had them number one until the Burnett injury. — Brett, Bleacher Nation -
14 0-0 Um … Citi Field is nice? — Brett, Bleacher Nation -
15 0-0 They look to have the best bunting in the National League. -
16 0-0 My mother said if I can't say anything nice, I shouldn't say anything at all. -

Our individual rankings are below.

Rk. mb21 And Counting berselius Aisle 424 Brett Taylor
1 Phillies Phillies Phillies Phillies Braves
2 Reds Marlins Cardinals Brewers Marlins
3 Braves Cardinals Reds Braves Reds
4 Marlins Brewers Nationals Diamondbacks Cardinals
5 Giants Braves Braves Cardinals Phillies
6 Brewers Giants Giants Marlins Giants
7 Cardinals Reds Brewers Reds Diamondbacks
8 Diamondbacks Diamondbacks Diamondbacks Giants Brewers
9 Nationals Nationals Rockies Nationals Nationals
10 Rockies Rockies Marlins Pirates Rockies
11 Dodgers Dodgers Padres Rockies Padres
12 Mets Cubs Dodgers Dodgers Dodgers
13 Padres Pirates Cubs Padres Pirates
14 Pirates Padres Mets Mets Mets
15 Cubs Mets Pirates Cubs Cubs
16 Astros Astros Astros Astros Astros