The Hall of Fame is worthless

Who knows what happens with the voting for this year's class, but I think it's a safe bet that at least a few of the guys more than deserving of getting in will not. In the end, this is what we can say about the Hall of Fame.

The position player who is arguably the best player of all-time will not get in. He's probably the 2nd best player of all-time, but that's pretty damn good. There's no room in the HOF for him.

The pitcher with the 3rd highest rWAR total will not get in. He's also the pitcher that many people say is the greatest pitcher of all-time. No room for him either.

The catcher who is by far the best hitter at his position in the history of the game will more than likely not get in. Not only was he easily the best hitting catcher of all-time, he's also 5th in rWAR at that position.

The 4th best 1st baseman in the history of baseball will not get in.

And Lee Smith, yeah, he'll probably get in. Jack Morris? Maybe him too.

Before long, it will be more of an honor to not get elected to the Hall of Fame. Well done, BBWAA, and the fans who enable them.