2011 MLB Draft: Links

The 2011 MLB Draft begins on June 6th and ends on June 8th. The Cubs pick 9th this year. There are all kinds of names floating around as potential Cubs picks, but if we’ve learned anything with Wilken drafting it’s that he’ll take someone no one has ever heard of. I don’t even think Wilken has heard of some of them. Still, the Cubs have the potential to take a very good player in what is probably the deepest draft in history. There’s no Strasburg or Harper, but it’s a exceptionally deep.

Keith Law’s latest mock draft has the Cubs selecting Bubba Starling.

My MLB Draft agrees tha the Cubs will take Starling.

Starling is one of the best players in the draft. He also has a committment to Nebraska as a QB. Here’s an extensive scouting report on Starling and many videos as well.

Diamondscape Scouting has the Cubs taking Jed Bradley.

Jim Callis’s mock draft on Baseball America also has the Cubs selecting Bubba Starling.

9. CUBS: Starling has the highest ceiling in the draft, but he also comes with some risk and a high price tag (he has a football scholarship to play quarterback at Nebraska), so he might fall a little further than expected. Chicago isn’t afraid of risk or price tag, not if it means getting a five-tool center fielder. The Cubs have been checking out the same pitchers as everyone else, may like Meyer more than most clubs and also would consider Lindor.

I’ll post more in the days to come. If you have something to add about the draft, please do so on Unobstructed Views.