2012 MLB Draft: Best Available Prospects

The first day of the draft is over, which means we've only seen 60 selections so far and have 39 rounds to go. I thought I'd post a roundup of the stuff we posted yesterday and then talk abou a few of the best available players that should be taken sometime today.

The second day of the draft begins at 11 am central and is streamed live on mlb.com. The Cubs have the 7th pick today (67th overall) and then pick 6th in the 3rd round (101). The Mariners, Marlins and Rockies each have a supplemental pick after the 3rd round and then from rounds 4 through 40 the order repeats itself with the Cubs picking 6th each time.

Yesterday we posted several articles and I'll highlight them again.

Jim Callis' Final Mock Draft

A lot of people had the Cubs taking Albert Almora with the 6th pick in the draft and Jim Callis was no different. Those who predicted Almora turned out to be right.

MLB Draft, Day One

Some scouting reports for the top 5 picks and a lot of commentary from the readers.

Cubs First Round Pick: Albert Almora

Discussion of Almora and his scouting reports, which were posted earlier in the day too.

Cubs Select Pierce Johnson 43rd overall and Paul Blackburn 56th overall

Some info on each of the Cubs other first round picks.

With day one in the books and day two set to kick off in 2 hours, it seems appropriate to look at the best players available. Baseball America listed 10 of them. The 34th (Tanner Rahier), 36th (Anthony Alford) and 38th (Ty Buttrey) ranked prospects remain available. There are still 4 available in the 40s (Carson Kelly, Mitch Brown, Nolan Fontana and Wyatt Mathisen) while there are also 3 in the 50s (Walker Buehler, Hunter Virant and Alex Wood). Look for most or all of them to go off the board early today.

One thing I mentioned in the comments last night was how I actually enjoyed the draft more this year because teams were taking players that were worthy of being taken in that spot. Often times we head into the second day with draft prospects available who ranks in the teens and 20s. I really liked how we didn't see teams skipping over talent like we have in year's past.

This doesn't mean I'm a fan of the CBA's spending limits. I'm not. The teams and veteran MLB players agreed to this while those drafted did not. There's something wrong about that and I don't like it, but it doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the draft more. I think teams were wiser because of this and it made it more enjoyable for me.

Baseball America organized links by draft picks last night and here are the ones from BA on Albert Almora.

No. 6. Cubs: Albert Almora, of

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From cubs.com:

Below are some videos worth watching.