The Children Are The Future-Cubs Minor League Update Sponsored by Advil


Iowa got a good test today as perhaps the best pitcher in the minors in Shelby Miller faced them. Miller shut the Cubs down but only lasted 5 innings. Lets see how our top guys fared vs a legit future star

Brett Jackson– BB, 2 K's

Anthony Rizzo – 1-3

Josh Vitters – 1-2

Travis Wood had a good outing striking out 8 in 6 IP while allowing 1 ER. 


Jae-Hoon Ha went 3-5 with a pair of doubles & Dae Eun Rhee was terrible in the start. 


Hayden Simpson ranged anywhere from 84-89 with the fastball tonight although he was almost always around 86. He struck out the first batter and then pretty much fell apart. He fell behind hitters and with that kind of velocity when he tried to come back on 2-0 counts he got crushed. The trainers went out once to check on him then left, the announcers sounded pretty frustrated and basically this couldn't be more of a train wreck. At this point its hard to see this guy in baseball after this year unless he is recovering from a surgery. Its sad. 

Szzrzrzr continues to heat up going 2-3 with a pair of walks. 


All hail Kyle(r) Burke. The 24 yr old had a good start throwing 6 shutout innings while striking out 4. Granted at 24 he is now the creepy dude who the prospects probably use to buy beer for them but we will take what we can get. Ben Wells followed and allowed 2 ER in 3 innings while getting his usual amount of groundouts. Paul Holiman hit his first HR of the year and Wes Darvil was 1-3 with 2 BB and 2 SB. The big news is that Concepcion makes his big debut tomorrow night. 

In other news, berselius has informed us that Cubs playoff tickets go on sale in 2025. I'm assuming the virtual waiting room opens tomorrow. Don't miss it.