The Children Are The Future-Cubs Minor League Update Sponsored by John Travolta


Offense Eruption! The boys in Iowa decided to explode all of the face of Fresno by jacking out 13 runs. Rizzo hit two long hard ones out and Vitters showed off with a dong of his own. Brett Jackson took two easy bases on balls before smacking the ball around for a triple. All in all it was a pretty great orgy of points and I really hope the have the stamina to keep it up.


Not much to say about the AA squad. Trey McNutt spent his wad early throwing 58 pitches in 3 innings and suffering the humiliation of a premature exit while thousands of people watched. 


Rubi Silva just keeps pounding the ball going 2-6 with a HR and 3 RBI's. Hayden Simpson continues to put the effort to please us fans in as he worked 4 IP but I have to be disappointed in the lack of a climax as he was only able to strike out 1 batter while allowing 2 runs. If he wants to be the big man we all hoped he would be he really need to learn how to finish the other guy off. 


Yesterday marked the 2012 debut of Charles Thomas. He was drafted to hit but decided to switch sides and become a pitcher. He has a live arm that can touch 98 and struck out 3 in 2 IP but the knock on him is he can't really control where he sprays it.