The Children Are The Future-Cubs Minor League Update Sponsored by Paul Ryan for America PAC


Paul Ryan's Take- Tony Campana had the rate 6-6 game with 4 HR's 4 SB's and a pair of triples. It was truly a testament to his dogged determination and America's greatness. We are all better for having witnessed it.

Reality- Campana was 0-4 with a pair of strikeouts.


Paul Ryan's Take- Another night without baseball. Another dream closed due to Obama and his failed failure's. 

Reality- Scheduled off day

Daytona Game 1

Paul Ryan's Take – PJ Francescon struck a blow for freedom working 6 IP and only allowing 1 ER. He struck out 3. 

Reality- PJ Francescon is the most dangerous man in the world. His live to kill ratio per meeting 9 strangers is a staggering 0/9. 

Game 2

Paul Ryan's Take- Nobody really did anything interesting this game.

Reality- Well played Ryan.


I'm out of Ryan quips so we'll just switch over to normal shit.

Soler was 2-4 and Yao Ling Wang got lit up. Wang gave up 7 ER in 4 IP which is too bad because before this start he was really having himself a year. I think he's done for the season but Wang will continue to be a name to watch heading into 2013.


Apparently Dan Vogelbach hit a HR onto the roof of the visiting team's bus last night. It was the 10th blast of his Boise career. He also drew a pair of walks and is taking bases at around a 14 % clip. 


No game