The Children Are the Future- Cubs Minor League Update Sponsored by Phillip Morris


It was a sloppy game for the Iowa Cubs as Vitters, Rizzo and Cardenas each committed an error. Brett Jackson went 1-5 with a triple and Nate Robertson continued his inspired campaign to be released within the first month.


Rain Out


There's just no way to sugarcoat it- Hayden Simpson was awful tonight. His final line was 2.2 IP 6H 6 ER and 4 BB to no strikes and a HR allowed. He worked from behind all night with a fastball between 85-87 mph. We all know the mono case and the elbow injury from last year but the bottom line is this- if the kid isn't right (and I don't see how he can be considering he has lost 10 mph off his fastball in less than 2 years) then shut him down until he gets better. He isn't learning anything from getting destroyed and until he is throwing harder than a 40 year old middle reliever its not going to get much better. Now, I was surprised to see that the future Mrs. Hayden Simpson responded to one of my tweets to Daytona announcers concerning Hayden's weight loss and we struck up a chat. She seems like a very nice person and apparently Hayden is slowly gaining weight back and really trying to get back to where he was in college. And honestly, despite the snark that Simpson gets around here its not his fault that the Cubs drafted the guy so early and its not his fault they continue to send him out to the wolves. I had really hoped the Theo/Jed regime would handle him a little better but at this point there isn't much reason to hope we get much out of him until he gets healthy and thats not a sure thing to ever happen. 


It was about a week ago that MD and I were praising Patrick Franceson and since then he has pretty much sucked. So blame us. However the Asian Sensation that is Yao Lin Wang picked up another win. Wang went 2 IP and allowed no runs, no hits and just a walk. He still has an ERA of 0. I would really like to see him start considering he did well in that role in Boise but maybe they just want to limit his IP for now. 20 yr old OF Oliver Zapata went 3-4 and currently sports an OPS of 1.992.