The Children Are The Future Cubs Minor League Update Sponsored by Standard Oil


Brett Jackson went 3-4 with a triple and a SB. It was Jackson's 9th triple of the year and while has walk rate is down and his average is as well his slugging has stayed pretty consistent with his minor league career average. Vitters was 1-3 with a BB and continues to improve his walk rate. 


Matt Cerda went 3-4 with a HR. Cerda has always had a very good OBP and there is a chance he could make it as a utility guy. Stuck worked 5.2 scoreless IP and Jeffery Antigua earned the save.

Daytona Game 1

This was a stupid game. No comment

Game 2

Micah Gibbs hit a HR. Who the fuck is Micah Gibbs you ask? Good question. PJ Francescon worked 5 scoreless innings striking out 2. 

Javier Baez

Hit another HR. 

The Boise Hawks kick off their season tonight and I was excited to watch on but I have softball tonight and a travel tourney tomorrow. Thats the price you pay to be a world class athlete.