The Children Are The Future-Weekend Edition Sponsored by Windows Vista


Everyone had a shitty day. 


Same here


Spellcheck Jr went 2-5 and stole a pair of bases bringing his season SB total up to 18. Alcantara keeps hitting and went 3-4 and is now batting .303. Keep an eye on this kid as he is moving himself into legit prospect status. KSTATE LEGEND! AJ Morris keeps up his impressive season after missing last year with TJ. Morris struck out a pair of batters in his 1 inning. Frank DeValle had a nice start striking out 8 in 6 IP.


Jose Rosario had a great start giving up 2 ER in 5.1 IP and striking out 9 batters. But the bullpen shit the bed after that with newly acquired Hunter Cervenka giving up 4 R (1ER) in 1.P IP. Nobody hit a thing.