10 things to look forward to this summer

Figure it’s about time to talk about a few things that might be worth looking forward to this summer.

10. A team worth cherishing their history comes to Wrigley Field on June 17, 18 and 19. Roger Clemens won’t be trying for win number 300 this time, but I like the Yankees. I like the Cubs. I’m looking forward to this series.

9. June 24, 25 and 26. The Cubs head to Kansas City. I’ve got tickets.

8. Robert Whitenack. The Cubs didn’t think his recent injury was serious enough to even give him an MRI. He’s been really good this year between High A and AA. If he comes back from his injury soon enough, I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets a September call-up.

7. Will Starlin Castro learn how to take a walk?

6. Trey McNutt isn’t striking as many batters out, which is cause for concern. However, he is just finally getting over the blister issues so maybe the strikeouts will come. If he pitches anything like he did last year, he’ll be with the Cubs in September.

5. Are the Cubs the 4th, 5th or 6th best team in the NL Central? I’m dying to find out.

4. Matt Garza, when healthy, has been ridiculously good this season from an FIP standpoint. Will his run average get lower or will his FIP get higher? I’m guessing both because if his FIP remained the same he’d easily be the best pitcher in baseball. He’s good, but he’s not that good.

3. Moveis. Any. Fucking. Movie. Even the romcoms.

2. When will Brett Jackson make his big league debut? Hopefully sooner rather than later because this team is boring.

1. The best show on tv kicks off its fourth season on July 17th. Did Jesse kill Gayle? On the season 3 finale it appeared as though he did, but I don’t know. How much longer can Walt continue to get away with this with his brother-in-law being a DEA agent? Will there be another episode like the “Fly” episode from last year? I hope so. That was awesome. Is Vince Gilligan really going to stop after 4 or 5 seasons? Seriously? That means this might be the final season of one of the best tv shows in history. Really, there’s a lot more to be excited about with the upcoming season of Breaking Bad than there is anything related to the Cubs.