2013 MLB Draft: Cubs’ Day Two Summary

2013-MLB-draft1The Picks

#75 Jacob Hannemann, CF, BYU FR (BA #214)

#108 Tyler Skulina, RHP, Kent State JR (BA #73)

#138 Trey Masek RHP, Texas Tech JR (BA #49)

#168 Scott Frazier, RHP, Pepperdine JR (BA #160)

#198 David Garner, RHP, Michigan State JR (BA #248)

#228 Sam Wilson, LHP, Lamar CC (BA #358)

#258 Charcer Burks, CF, TX HS

#288 Zack Godley, RHP, University of Tennessee SR (BA #487)

For scouting reports, video highlights, and other miscellany on all of the players selected on day two of the 2013 MLB Draft, check out the live thread. Lots of great comments in that thread, and I tried to update player summaries in the body of the post with relevant information.



  • Once again, the Cubs went extremely pitching heavy on day two. They weren’t the only team to do so. The Blue Jays selected only a single position player through the first two days (a catcher in the tenth). Same goes for the Angels (a catcher in the ninth). Batteries are the new market inefficieny.
  • I wouldn’t call this draft predictable, however. For one thing, the Cubs took only one college senior, despite their popularity on the day two as teams try to save money for overslot guys.
  • Uncle Dave will pleased to see that the sole senior is a Godley man.
  • Rather than loading up on seniors, the Cubs may have saved some money on their pick at #75 (Hannemann, a freshman), and perhaps even at #41 (Zastryzny, a junior). This may have been a “zig when everyone else zags” move by the Cubs in an attempt to get more of the juniors that they wanted.
  • To that end, Masek and Skulina may soak up some of the savings, as both were thought to go higher than they did.
  • The only position players taken today were Hannemann and Burks. Jacob Hannemann is an old freshman due to his Mormon mission trip, and has drawn multiple comparisons to Jacoby Ellsbury (The Church of Ellsbury Saints?).
  • Not a lot of information is available on Burks, the only high school player selected. but his buddies seem excited that he was drafted.

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