2013 MLB Draft: Live Draft Thread- Surprise! Cubs Take Kris Bryant

2013-MLB-draft1Draft Coverage

The 2013 MLB Draft kicks off at 6pm on MLB Network. The first two rounds are tonight. Pre-draft coverage is already underway. Unfortunately, Greg Amsinger is hosting rather than Brian Kenny. And as always, it seems, the guys who really know what’s going on are more or less marginalized. Peter Gammons, Harold Reynolds, and John Hart are at the main table. More Jim Callis, please. Can’t argue with the video highlights, though.

I’lll update this thread with analysis of the Cubs’ picks at #2 and #41 as the night progresses. OV draft archives are here.

Late Breaking News

Not much, really. Jonathan Mayo mentions that Kohl Stewart’s name has cropped up in the conversation for 1-1.


It will be interesting to see how seriously the Cubs take the position player over pitching philosophy. I’m guessing not very, and they end up with one of the college pitchers, and things play out mostly as has been predicted. Pitch f/x guru Harry Pavlidis, on the other hand thinks that the first 10 picks could play out very differently than everyone is expecting (h/t MO):



1. The Astros go with Appel. Oh, well.

2. Shocker! The Cubs passed on the live-armed Gray and went with Kris Bryant, the powerful third basemen from the University of San Diego.

Kris Bryant

From BA:

Bryant has shown huge raw power since his high school days in Las Vegas, and has blossomed into college baseball’s premier slugger. He posted a 1.081 OPS and nine homers as a freshmen, then a 1.154 OPS and 14 long balls as a sophomore, but he has taken his game to new heights as a junior, posting a 1.357 OPS and 25 home runs (seven more than any other Division I player) through 49 games. Opponents have pitched him very carefully, but he has remained patient, posting a 56-31 walk-strikeout mark. Bryant’s best tool is his plus-plus righthanded power, allowing him to launch towering shots over the light standard in left field or hit balls over the fence to the opposite field. He has adopted a wider base and a simpler approach at the plate this year, and he has impressed scouts with his ability to turn on inside fastballs or go the other way with sliders over the outer half. His plate discipline and ability to consistently barrel up a variety of pitches make him a safe bet to be at least an average hitter, and many scouts think he’ll be better than that. Bryant’s arm gives him another above-average tool. His athleticism gives him at least a chance to stick at third, although he’ll need plenty more repetitions to master the position. Some scouts project him as a prototypical right fielder. He has average speed and can be faster under way, and he has shown good instincts in right and center.


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