2013 MLB Draft: Pre-Draft Rumor Mongoose-ing Thread


Skip the Mongoose, who hates twitter rumors.


The 2013 MLB Draft starts at 6 pm CT, with coverage on MLBN kicking off an hour before that. The first two rounds take place today, with 3-10 coming tomorrow, and the remainder on Saturday. If this year is anything like last year, top players will go in the first few rounds, followed by a bunch of signable college seniors around rounds 5-10, followed by some more interesting names 11+.

We will keep you updated with analysis on all the Cubs picks throughout the draft.


Number 1 Overall

Still lots of uncertainty about tonight’s draft, as no one is certain what the Astros will do with the first overall pick. I think it’s safe to say that at the very least, the ‘stros are trying to use all of the time available to leverage a lower price tag out of a pick. There are rumblings that they will try to make a run at Sean Manea with pick #40, which would probably require someone to take a discount at #1.


That said, I don’t think it’s a given that they pass on anyone. In Jim Callis’s updated mock this morning, he has them nabbing the big hopped-up righty from Oklahoma.

For now, I’m sticking with Oklahoma righthander Jonathan Gray as the No. 1 choice. There’s no indication that his positive drug test for Adderall will affect the stock of BA’s top-rated prospect, and I’m told it’s not an issue with Houston.

Personally, I’m hoping they take Colin Moran, as has been rumored in the past, though Moran is undoubtedly a better fit for the Cardinals. That way the Cubs will have their choice of the “big three” prospects: Gray, Appel, and Bryant.


Appel to the Cubs?

Callis also passes along the rumor that the Cubs have been talking to Appel about a deal

There was a lot of buzz Wednesday evening that the Cubs were closing in on a deal with Appel at No. 2, which could mean: a) he’d subsequently try to scare off Houston; b) he’d see if the Astros could trump Chicago’s offer; or c) no agreement is imminent and this is just an attempt to increase his leverage.

My guess is that this is a leak from Appel’s camp in an attempt to pressure the Astros to pony up.


Possible Surprises

Peter Gammons reported last night that the Rockies may go with high school first baseman Dominic Smith at #3 overall.


Kiley McDaniel thinks this is just a leverage ploy



I don’t mind the Cubs staying out of that game. I’ve spent enough time in my life worrying that the Cubs will go cheap in the draft. Seems to me there’s plenty of other things the club could be doing today, like figuring out who will be available at pick 41.


Pick 41

It’s really difficult to project anything past the first 10 or so picks in the draft. Keep in mind that last year, after taking Alberto Almora #3 overall, the Cubs took 7 straight pitchers. I don’t think it’s safe to bet on that happening again, especially with the possibility that the Cubs take a big arm first overall, but the minor league pitching is still truly awful, so it could go either way. Cubs Den has a post up with some possible pitching targets for round two.  My advice is to watch for surprising names that drop out of round one. Keep BA’s top 500 handy.


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