Daily Facepalm 2.28.12

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Cubs start deciding who will start the games to start Spring Training.

Rodrigo Lopez pitches Sunday, Dempster on Monday, and Garza on Tuesday. Sunday's game is on mlb.com radio broadcast, presumably with Len Kasper, and the latter two games are on WGN radio with Pat Hughes. The first WGN TV game is next Saturday.

Is there a Cubs game today?


Cubs TV deal news

Aisley wrote a post yesterday about the Cubs TV contracts. They are locked in to CSN through 2019 but their WGN deal runs out in 2014. Will WGN pony up the cash to keep the Cubs on the network? The Cubs are only getting 45 million per year for the right right now, compared to recent teams like LAAoLAoAoGPoDL who are getting more than three times that. The "small market" Texas Rangers are also pulling in that amount. Even the Padres are getting $75m per year. We'd probably see an end to the Cubs on WGN if the prices get that high – though since CSN gets most of the Cubs game the package should be diminished by that percentage. As MB pointed out in the thread, I think there's a good chance the Cubs start their own network on the BTN/YES model and own it themselves. Leave your suggestions for the callsign/acronym for this network here (though GBTS already won the competition yesterday).

Star Wars conversation I was recently puzzled by

Adam posted a link about suggested viewing order of Star Wars yesterday. I don't see what the fuss is about – there are only three Star Wars movies and it's pretty clear what order they should be watched in.

Picture I was recently disturbed by

I think F7 is going to start making out with that ball any second now.

Teenage Wasteland

Lessons from History

After Castro was hit by a Kerry Wood pitch yetserday, ESPN's Doug Padilla wonders who can replace Castro at short if he goes down. We all learned from Aramis Ramirez's 2009 injury that to win you have to have an all-star backing up every position, so that when the best player on your team goes down you can just simply replace the production just like that. Clearly, the Cubs need to flip Brett Jackson and Anothony Rizzo (and Cash) for Hanley Ramirez so Starlin has an appropriate backup.


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