33rd Spot Start Game Thread

Rodrigo Lopez is the starting pitcher tonight and it is the 33rd game started by one of the following pitchers: Doug Davis (9), Casey Coleman (9), Rodrigo Lopez (8), James Russell (5) and Ramon Ortiz (2). It’s the 117th game of the season. 28.2% of all Cubs games have been started by one of those pitchers above who have combined to throw just over 150 innings and an ERA of 6.74 and a RA of 7.44. It’s not like the other 5 starters have been that good, but those 32 starts (probably 33 after tonight) have been horrible.

Over the course of a season I seem to recall that the average team uses a 6th starter for about 25 starts. Well, the Cubs have used a 6th, 7th, 8th, 10th and 50th starter this season for 33 of them. And they’ve allowed more runs per 9 innings than anyone could have anticipated.

No, this team likely wasn’t headed to the playoffs and the performance from the main 5 starters only makes it more difficult, but these guys haven’t helped. It’s kind of sad when you think about how many starts the Cubs have given to thse guys.