A New And Imprvoed Carlos Zambrano

June 17, 2012

BLEEDCUBBIEBLUE – Today, a day in which the Cubs and their new President of Baseball Operations, played his former team, the Boston Red Sox – Carlos Zambrano, once thought to be an afterthought for the 2012 Cubs; has finally reached the potential that so many knew he had – beating Theo’s former team, the Boston Red Sox, a team in the American League Eastern Division, and almost always good; Zambrano has delivered on the trust that Theo showed in him by earning his 8th victory of the season against the team that Theo once worked for – in Boston.

This past offseason – the one after the miserable and failed Mike Quade experiment in 2011, an experiment that sealed the fate of Jim Hendry, architect of the 2003 National League Central Champions, the 2007 National Leage Central Champions, the 2008 National League Central Champions, and bad seasons in 2005, 2006, 2009, 2010 and 2011 – chose to keep Carlos Zambrano on the Cubs roster rather than trade him, send millions to another team; something that made many of you so angry, has proven us all wrong.

The former ace, once born in the past, has always had outstanding potential – he has shown flashes of that potential, like for several years and stuff – and was born in Venezuela, somewhere near Mexico – but is now a resident of the same country as you and I, the United States of America, est. 1776; is now 8-2 with a 3.09 ERA.

Today, a game against the Boston Red Sox – a baseball game, the reason you, the person who wrote a fan post yesterday, today, tomorrow and the day after are here (if you’re new, please read the posting guidelines here at BCB) – the; it’s kind of funny because I was talking to a friend about Christmas and we were exchanging our wish list – my fiend and I – he’s in a Christian Metal band; the Cubs won 3-2 behind the new, improved and now dedicated like never before Carlos Zambrano.

Like many of you, I disagreed with the decision to not trade Zambrano, send lots of money to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Miami Marlins – I hate it when teams change their names so I suggest we all call them the Florida Fish to spite them (remember 2003?) – any other number of teams the Cubs and Theo Epstein, new President of Baseball Operations, could have traded Carlos Zambrano, from Venezuela, this past offseason – the one after last season – but it’s worked out better than you, me or anybody else could have predicted.

Carlos Zambrano is a new man – no longer a child that so irritated all of us. He is a changed man because of Theo Epstein (I hate the Red Sox and Yankees). Today, after 8 innings of Major League Baseball in wihch I attended at Wrigley Field, 39°30′ 20” N , 84°44′ 32” W, Zambrano had given up just 6 hits and 2 runs while walked 2 and striking out 7. His ERA is now 3.09 and he has 8 wins to just 2 losses. It’s a nice start to the 2012 season, but can he keep it going? Let’s all hope so.

UPDATE: As always, when I am confronted with information that proves I am wrong, I mostly ignore it – I’m sick of all the fun suckers out there who think every time you mention something it has to be right – I, unlike anyone else on earth, do occasionally admit when I am wrong and am proud to tell you all about it; it’s part of being a grown up, which is ironic because a friend of mine and I were talking about when we were kids: I have added the correct coordinates of Wrigley Field, Chicago, Illinois, United States of America, Earth below this:

41°56′54″N 87°39′20″W