According to Rosenthal, Zambrano to Marlins is close

z-ejects-umpireSources: #Marlins close to acquiring Carlos Zambrano from #Cubs. #MLB — Ken Rosenthal. The most interesting thing if this is true is going to be how much money the Cubs save. I don’t expect they get much or anything of real value in return. Zambrano just isn’t that good these days after his VWL performance it’s hard to even argue he has much left in the tank. I’ll post more as more information becomes available.

One of my favorite Zambrano memories is when he ejected the umpire. Lots of laughs.

h/t to Bubblesdachimp

UPDATE: Zambrano is owed $18 million and there’s an option for another year at the same amount if he finishes in the top 4 in the Cy Young voting. Not gonna happen. He’s projected to be worth somewhere between .7 and 2 WAR. The average is probably somewhere around 1.5. At $5 million per win that makes him worth $7.5 million. His trade value is -$10.5 million. This means the Cubs will have to send along that amount to get $0 in return. If they want some kind of prospect they’d have to send more.

It’s important to note that these trade values are an average so it doesn’t mean that every player is equal to that. If I had to guess right now I’d guess that the Cubs send $12 million and get some 23 year old pitching prospect in A ball or AA who has serious command issues, but some upside.