Add Mark Shapiro’s name to the list

Jayson Stark has heard from an executive that Indians President and former GM Mark Shapiro may have interest in the Cubs general manager job.

We’ve heard lots of famous names connected with the Cubs’ general manager gig. Well, here’s one fascinating name we haven’t heard: Indians president (and longtime GM) Mark Shapiro.

According to people in the game who are close to Shapiro, he would be “intrigued” by the Cubs’ job, and has always looked at the Cubs as a special franchise. Those people describe Shapiro as being happy where he is and not looking to leave Cleveland. But the Cubs’ job represents such a unique set of compelling circumstances, they believe that if Shapiro were approached, he “probably would listen.”

I’d be very happy with Shapiro if they can’t land one of their top choices. He’s a very smart guy and introduced sabermetrics to the Indians organization. Maybe he can do the same to the Cubs.