An example of very poor journalism

I was reading this article on CSN Chicago by Patrick Mooney and came across this part of it:

No, Francona wouldn’t need a formal interview here, but there are many reasons to doubt a reunion, from the way the Red Sox collapsed to a Cubs front office that doesn’t want to “recreate the Boston show.” Epstein feels a new manager could help his growth as an executive, and this team could be years away from contention.

I think I’ve seen this in other articles. Maybe they’ve all been written by Mooney. Here’s what Theo Epstein said:

“I already brought in two guys who I worked closely with at the Red Sox in Jed [Hoyer] and Jason [McLeod],” Epstein said. “This doesn’t need to be the Boston show recreated in Chicago completely. I think for my growth as an executive, maybe it’s the right thing to work with a new manager, maybe for Tito’s growth as a manager it’s better to work with a new boss. As I mentioned when I left Boston, you don’t want to live in the past. Eight years, 10 years is a long time to be at one place and with the same dynamics.”

So why the hell is Mooney putting quotation marks around “recreate the Boston show”? I’m sure someone has said that at some point, but it ain’t Theo. Theo says “doesn’t need” and Mooney interprets that as “doesn’t want.” “Doesn’t need” and “doesn’t want” are two entirely differently things.

If I said I didn’t need a million dollars Patrick Mooney would say that I don’t want the million dollars.