Big Splash Before Cubs Convention Is A Myth

There’s one thing I can guarantee that you hear every single year: the Cubs will want to sign this guy or that guy to make a big splash before the Cubs Convention. I have no idea where people get this idea. Baseball teams do not care about making big splashes before fan events. Do you know why? Because the people have already bought the tickets and it’s sold out. They don’t have to make a big splash. In fact, it would be the perfect time to trade away a fan favorite. After all, what are they going to do? Return their Cubs Convention tickets? Of course not.

Let’s look back during the Jim Hendry era beginning in 2004. That week the big splash was Felix Martinez. Yeah, that Felix Martinez. The one who hadn’t played in the big leagues since 2001.

In 2005 they signed Cody Ransom right before the convention. During the convention the Cubs signed superstar ScotT. Williamson. The only problem was that he wasn’t a superstar and hadn’t been good since he was injured in 2003.

The week of the 2006 convention they traded Corey Patterson for two marginal minor leaguers. The next day they Jacque Jones. If anybody thinks signing Jacque Jones is making a splash then we have completely different ideas of what it means.

In 2007 they signed minor leaguer Tomas Perez. After the convention they signed Glendon Rusch.

They signed injured Jon Lieber before the next one.

They traded Angel Pagan for two minor leaguers prior to the 2009 convention

In 2010 they did sign a future MVP prior to the meetings. Unfortunately he was the PCL MVP and your 2012 starting first baseman. If that wasn’t enough, they also signed Scott McClain, Chad Tracy and some other person nodoby remembers.

Last year they re-signed a former 1st round pick, Luis Montanez. They also brought back one time Cubs great and future Cubs Hall of Famer Reed Johnson so yeah, they made huge splashes in 2011.

I could do without ever hearing about how the Cubs are going to make a splash right before the Cubs Convention again. It’s not happened yet. I have no fucking clue why people think the guys running their favorite team give a shit about planning their transactions around a fucking convention packed with people who would buy the tickets if they traded all the good players for bad players.