Brett Jackson and strikeouts

I had planned to put something more thorough together for today, but was too lazy to do so. Instead, I’m just going to list the guys who the highest strikeout percentage since 2006 (minimum 1000 PA) followed by their minor league strikeout rate. Sometime when I’m not lazy, I’ll add to it. For MLB numbers, I’m using Fangraphs. For MiLB numbers, I’m using the following formula: K% = K / (PA – IBB). I don’t believe Fangraphs subtracts IBB for some reason, but that won’t matter much. For example, Fangraphs has Mark Reynold’s K% at 33.6%. Subtracing IBB from PA lowers it to 33.1%.

Mark Reynolds: 33.6%, 23.2%
Adam Dunn: 27.4%, 18.4%
Ryan Howard: 27.3%, 27.7%
Jim Thome: 25.1%, 21.8%
Mike Cameron: 24.8%, 22.0%
BJ Upton: 24.6%, 19.7%
Brandon Inge: 24.1%, 22.1%
Jayson Werth: 23.4%, 20.2%
Adam LaRoche: 23.4%, 19.1%
Brad Hawpe: 23.2%, 21.3%

Austin Jackson is in the top 5 in that time frame, but he does not have 1000 PA.

Brett Jackson: 24.0%

Among the 10 listed above, only Ryan Howard struckout more in the minor leagues than Brett Jackson has so far. However, be careful not to draw any conclusions from this yet. Jackson will be entering the big leagues fro the first time while some of the players above had been in the big leagues for awhile already. Their skill levels more than likely changed.

It’s not earth shattering to find out that players strikeout more in the big leagues. Guess what else. They don’t hit or pitch as well either. Same thing with fielding and baserunning. We already knew that. Still, Jackson’s strikeout rate is alarmingly high. You’ve surely noticed that several of those players had been really good. Those players above have still been productive. Over that time frame, they were worth nearly 27 WAR per season as a group or 2.7 WAR per player.

Striking out does not mean you can’t be productive. The players above prove it.