Cubs 2013 Draft Wrap: Preparations for the Apocalypse

BryantCubs 2013 Draft

The signing deadline for the 2013 MLB Draft was last Friday. The Cubs’ official website has been unusually light in the details of who has actually signed and who hasn’t but I think we connect the dots pretty accurately. Three of the top 25 picks didn’t sign, and it looks like those three are Daniel Poncedeleon (RHP, 14th), Josh McCauley (RHP, 21st), and Marcus Doi (OF, 25th). The situations for Poncedeleon and McCauley aren’t completely clear, but my guess is that they failed physicals. From the 25th round on, only two players signed, Brad Renner (RHP, 28th) and Zak Hermans (RHP, 30th).

Pick Rankings By Signing Bonus

Signing bonus is generally a better indication of talent than pick number. Here’s how the Cubs’ signees rank in terms of cash received for every player over $100k:

1. Kris Bryant $6.7M (1st, 3B, Jr)

2. Rob Zastryzny $1.1M (2nd, LHP, Jr)

3. Jacob Hannemann $1M (3rd, OF, Fr)

4. Tyler Skulina $800k (4th, RHP, Jr)

5. Trevor Clifton $375k (12th, RHP, HS)

6. Trey Masek $357k (5th, RHP, JR)

7.  Scott Frazier $257k (6th, RHP, JR)

8. David Garner $175k (7th, RHP, JR)

9. Charcer Burks $170k (9th, OF, HS)

10. Will Remillard $150k (19th, C, Jr)

11. Sam Wilson $130k (8th, LHP, CC)

Early Prospect Rankings

Most of the midseason prospect rankings lists have now been published. For the most part, they exclude 2013 draftees. Baseball Prospectus is an exception, but Bryant was excluded, having not been signed at the time of the update. The only other prominent list I could find that includes draftees is from Bullpen Banter, in which Kris Bryant checks in at #26, fourth(!) among Cub prospects. Baseball America’s Jim Callis has said that he prefers Bryant to any other Cubs prospect. Given BA’s collectively high opinion of Javier Baez, it’s not a stretch to think that Bryant will rank near their top 10 this offseason.

Positional Breakdown, Minor Stars*

Pos #
OF 2
3B 1
C 1

*Players with a signing bonus over $100k

Positional Breakdown, Common Cards

Pos #
C 3
1B 1
SS 1
2B 1
OF 1

Let A Thousand Nations Bloom

Pitcher Sean Johnson, on his decision to return to school:


I’m not sure when fanbases started referring to themselves as “nations,” or what exactly they mean when they say it.*  Despite my ignorance, I’m going to go ahead and declare that the devotees of Iowa Western Community College Baseball are the Pitcairn Islands of sports nations. #ReiverNation!

*The Internet caused this, right? How tight are the bonds linking these nations? Is there an implied promise of “at-all-costs” solidarity? After the world runs out of oil and ordinary folks inevitably raise the Jolly Roger, is Al going to have my back? (Note to self… start rooting for a Brazilian soccer team.)

Other Foreboding Tweets From Draftees

Trevor Graham shared this pic of a sandstorm in Arizona last week.


Pretty sure I’ve heard this story before. I won’t spoil it, but the ending involves a malnourished man and Dan Vogelbach alone in a barn.


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