Cubs arbitration-elgible players

The deadline for teams and players to submit arbitration figures is noon tomorrow, after which teams and players will have two weeks to try to avoid a hearing. So far 42 players have reached agreements for next year or beyond with their team. The Cubs have not worked out a deal with any of their arbitration elgible players yet. Here is the list, along with the projected salaries based on the usual 40/60/80 guideline that arbitration salaries tend to follow (* = the player was a Super Two).

  • Jeff Baker (3rd year): $1.4m
  • Blake DeWitt (1st year): $1.2m
  • Matt Garza (3rd year*): $8.7m
  • Geovany Soto (2nd year): $4m
  • Ian Stewart (2nd year*): $2.3m
  • Chris Volstad (1st year): $2.7m
  • Randy Wells (1st year): $2.2m

All told the Cubs should be paying around $22.5m to arb-elgible players. Including the money sent to Miami for Z the Cubs payroll commitments are roughly $118m for next year barring a Garza trade.


Geo and the Cubs agreed to a $4.3m deal for 2012


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